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Quality Policy & Quality Objectives

Quality policy

Steer Medical is committed to fostering a culture of empowerment and dedication among it’s management and employees. Our primary objective is the development and manufacturing of innovative devices for interventional endovascular procedures, with the ultimate aim of improving health outcomes and exceeding customer requirements. We maintain the effectiveness of our quality management system in accordance with relevant international standards and regulations. Furthermore, we strive to equip each employee with the necessary tools, training and support to allow them to consistently perform their duties accurately from the very first attempt onwards.

Quality objectives

Quality objectives are established based on the Quality Policy, effectiveness of the QMS, and compatibility with the context and direction of the organization. Quality objectives are established and reviewed in the Management Review Process and are monitored periodically through quarterly Quality Review Meetings. Issues identified are addressed immediately and are followed-up effectively.

Steer’s Mission

To be the partner of choice for our customers, delivering the highest level of experience and quality of services in the design, development and manufacturing of innovative medical devices.

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